Creative minds don't belong in cubicles. So we left ours behind.

25M was born when two women realized they were most creative when they weren’t stuck in one place. They travel where their clients work and where their hearts lead them. Co-Founders Sivon and Lana met in the Fall of 2016 and discovered their shared vision for a more free and creative working environment. With Lana's extensive knowledge in graphic design and branding and Sivon's social media skills and business-minded focus, they made the perfect team. Together they quit their full-time jobs and the rest is history.

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Sivon & Lana

A wanderlust by nature and lover of tacos, Sivon has an extensive background in marketing & communications.

Lover of running & Starbucks, Lana lives and breathes graphic design & all things creative.

Our fully distributed team of designers are ready to serve your needs from all over the US and bring you the personalized experience you desire and deserve. Ready to get to work?